Some of your customers may experience scrambled text when they open PDF attachments sent from Ostendo, such as this example below. It appears to be quite random as only some customers are affected, yet when you open the PDF file you sent them the text is normal and not scrambled.


This is not an issue caused by the PDF generated by Ostendo but by the PDF reader used to view it. Scrambled text a known issue that can occur with Adobe PDF Reader. Only some users of Adobe PDF Reader will experience this issue and it will not only be PDF's from Ostendo that are affected.

Adobe PDF Reader is 64 bit compliant, but it is a 32 bit programme and is therefore installed in the Program Files (x86) folder. The security in the Program Files (x86) folder can interfere with the performance of Adobe PDF Reader.


This issue does not affect other PDF writers available free of charge, such as Foxit, Chrome and Microsoft PDF viewers that can be used instead of Adobe PDF Reader.

The best way to resolve this is to navigate to File>System Configuration>System Settings. In the 'Environment Settings' tab tick the check box for 'Embed fonts when saving or emailing reports as PDF'