Email Forms is a component of the Ostendo Email Services. The purpose of Email Forms is to automatically process spreadsheet forms sent in by users.

A spreadsheet form can be designed to collect all types of data. Ostendo Email Forms can facilitate such data collection needs by receiving the emailed forms, processing them, and updating any Ostendo module or user-defined tables.

Email Forms can be used in a variety of ways. For example:

  • An estimator may be using an excel spreadsheet to generate all the information required to prepare a quote. If this spreadsheet information is prepared in a certain prescribed form, he could email it to Ostendo and a quote could be generated in the system without having to re-key in the information into the Ostendo Job Detail and Lines screens.
  • Email Forms can replace paper forms. Paper forms are often required to be filled, reviewed, and approved before the data in those forms can be loaded into Ostendo (for example a process for new customers). A spreadsheet form can be designed for the same purpose. Instead of processing paper, the spreadsheet can be circulated via email and filled in by various individuals before finally being sent to a designated email address and a new Customer record is automatically generated in Ostendo.

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