Ostendo is an affordable cloud solution to meet the challenges of working online remotely because of Covid-19.

Ostendo Operations ERP can be run directly on the cloud, or can be installed on an on-premise server or cloud terminal services system. This gives you the flexibility to run Ostendo in a way that suits your business.

The cloud option of Ostendo enables the Ostendo database to be hosted in the cloud without the need for a cloud server or terminal services. It is not web-based and users connect directly to the database over the internet from the Ostendo application installed on their computer.

Ostendo is not priced as an ongoing subscription but as a one-off licence purchase. Compared to a web based ERP system with an ongoing subscription, Ostendo is much less expensive and therefore much more affordable for small to large businesses.

Ostendo has the best value of functionality for price of any ERP system available. It will pay for itself many times over if implemented correctly and used properly with good business processes.

Ostendo runs on modern technology and features an Enterprise Mobility App for remote data collection, compliance and information.

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