These are our recommended specifications for a server setup for Terminal Services or a hosted cloud server to run Ostendo. These are general specifications as a guide only and do not account for specific site conditions including other programmes that may need to run on the server, such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL. Ostendo may run on a system with lower specifications but performance will be affected. These specifications may be changed from time to time without notice.

Server Specification

  • Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016
  • Intel Xeon E5 2.1GHz or greater Hex core (preferred) or Quad core processor
  • 32GB RAM or greater (more RAM will be needed if running Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL on the server)
  • 120GB SSD or greater optimised for database (recommend Intel DC Series for greater reliability)
  • The best performance and security is achieved if Ostendo is installed on two virtual computers, one for a File Server where the application and database is installed and one for the Terminal Services profiles. However, Ostendo can be installed on one virtual computer as a Terminal Server alone without a File Server to reduce costs, but this will impact performance and security.
  • 20GB partition on File Server excluded from any VSS backup service for live backups of the Ostendo database.
  • Hardware RAID 1 drives for redundancy. RAID software is NOT recommended as it can impact performance.
  • Complete onsite live backup to external drive at regular intervals during the day. We can install our internal backup system for live backups of Ostendo to complement the server backup system.
  • Offsite copy of backup at least once per day.
  • Online backup of critical files including database backup files.
  • Retain copies of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly backups for reference and backup.

Security Certificate

We strongly recommend using a Terminal Server Gateway with an SSL certificate for all Remote Desktop (RDP) access to the local network (Desktop or Terminal). The Terminal Server Gateway makes an encrypted tunnel which the Remote Desktop (RDP) runs through to prevent unauthorised access to the system as well as preventing third parties being able to access data in transmission outside the local network. We recommend purchasing a valid security certificate signed by a trusted Certifying Authority (CA). We recommend not using a self-signed certificate as these can be compromised and are harder to roll out to new and existing devices. Secondary authentication, IP blocking and geo blocking software can also make Remote Desktop (RDP) connections more secure.

We particularly recommend SSL when using the API for Freeway or other system integrations. This encrypts data transactions between the system and mobile devices to prevent unauthorised access of data in transmission. A single domain certificate can be used for both RDP and API connections. Only valid and current security certificates signed by a trusted Certifying Authority (CA) can be used with Ostendo Freeway. Self-signed security certificates will not work with Ostendo Freeway.

Client Computer Specification

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • i5 or higher (Intel processor)
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD recommended
  • 1GB free disk space to install Ostendo client


Ostendo runs on a Firebird database which is not VSS aware. The Ostendo Firebird database should not be backed up live by backup software that uses the VSS service such as ShadowProtect. We can install a backup system that can take live backups of the Ostendo Firebird database. Please contact us for more information about backing up the Ostendo Firebird database.


  • Ostendo Software should be installed on Microsoft Windows® server based networks by qualified and experienced technicians.
  • Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions can provide this service online in conjunction with your IT provider.
  • We recommend that on the File Server the database be installed on a separate drive that is not accessible to Terminal Services profiles. This is more secure and prevents ransomware viruses from locking the Ostendo database if activated from a Terminal Services profile.


Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions does not warrant that Ostendo Software will be compatible in every computer system and network environment. Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions expressly disclaims any representation, warranty or guarantee that Ostendo Software will function as intended while running in any particular device, computer, computer network or network file server or with other hardware or software.

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