Ostendo Freeway is a native Android and Apple iOS application designed to run on smart phones and tablets. The app is available free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Ostendo 238 or higher i. These specifications may be changed from time to time without notice.

Apple iOS Specifications and Notes

  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • The recommended iPhone size ranges from 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6.
  • Apple devices must be running iOS 11.0 or higher.
  • The device should be 64 bit.

Android Specifications and Notes

  • The recommended device size ranges from 4.5 inches (for Smartphones through to Tablets).
  • Android devices must be running Android 4.3 or higher. 
  • Android devices must not have an Intel Atom Processor.
  • The RAM should be no less than 80MB.
  • The device should be Google Certified which is a standard for Google Play Store. Refer to this link in Google Play Help for more information.
  • On some Android devices the native keyboard app may need to be replaced by another keyboard app such as the free Google keyboard app.

Security Certificate

We strongly recommend SSL when using the API for Freeway. This encrypts data transactions between the system and mobile devices to prevent unauthorised access of data in transmission. A single domain certificate can be used for both RDP and API connections.

Only valid and current security certificates signed by a trusted Certifying Authority (CA) can be used with Ostendo Freeway. Self-signed security certificates will not work with Ostendo Freeway.

General Specifications and Notes

  • Freeway can work on local Wi-Fi networks but in order for it to be used on the mobile internet network the device must have a SIM card slot and an active mobile data plan and SIM card.
  • For barcoding on Freeway we recommend using a device fitted with;
    • An alpha numeric keyboard (electronic or physical) for data entry.
    • A barcode scanner that is 2HID for scanning GS1 barcodes or QR codes, if required.
    • A camera for taking photos.
  • Using an external barcode scanner connected to a device by Bluetooth is not as efficient as using a device fitted with a barcode scanner.
  • Barcodes are able to be scanned using the rear camera on a phone or tablet but this is not effective as a barcoding device. On an Android device, the barcode function using the device's camera requires the free 'Barcode Scanner' app by ZXing Team.
  • Some devices come with a pen and others do not. A pen makes it easier for notes and signatures.
  • We recommend that you test a device with the Ostendo Freeway App before purchasing multiple devices.
  • To play audio recordings from the Ostendo Freeway App on your computer, you need to install Apple QuickTime Player (free from Apple).

Considerations for Devices

  • Environmental factors such as bright sunlight, water or moisture, dust, temperature (eg cold rooms or freezers). 
  • Some hazardous environments and business activities require a device that is 'Intrinsically Safe' where flammable gas, vapour or dust can be ignited by a spark. Intrinsically safe devices do not emit any spark.
  • Type of barcodes to be scanned, 2HID and/or HID.
  • The distance the device needs to scan barcodes, eg upper shelves in racking.
  • The size of the barcode that needs to be to be scanned, especially at long distance.
  • Wi-Fi only or mobile data capable.
  • Battery life required. Hot swappable batteries may be required.
  • The type of keypad required.
  • Accessories for mounting the device.
  • The impact on operations if one of the devices breaks down. Consider a spare device for that eventuality.

Please note that Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions does not warrant that the Ostendo Freeway App will be compatible with any particular device, hardware, operating system, computer, computer system or network environment or with other hardware or software. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain whether the Ostendo Freeway App is compatible with their device, operating system, computer, computer system or network environment or other hardware or software. Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions expressly disclaims any representation, warranty or guarantee that the Ostendo Freeway App will function as intended while running in any particular device, hardware, operating system, computer, computer system or network environment or with other hardware or software.

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