In Ostendo the manufacturing module is called 'Assembly' but its functions and capabilities for manufacturing are very deep that far exceed assembly only. Ostendo supports any mix of discrete, process and custom manufacturing.

These are general instructions only for the most common way Assembly Orders are used with standard Bills of Material and do not include all fields and settings for Assembly Orders, nor the use of Assembly Orders in custom manufacturing environments. Refer to the Ostendo Help menu for an explanation of all fields. Follow the process outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures and User instructions for your specific company requirements.

For raising an Assembly Order from Inventory Replenishment refer to the article on 'How to use Inventory Replenishment (Material Requirements Planning).' For raising an assembly order for a job, assembly order or sales order refer to the article on 'How to create an Assembly Order for an Order'. 

  • Go to Assembly>Assembly Orders to open the Assembly Orders screen
  • Press Add to create a new assembly order
  • Select the Item Code of the item being manufactured by pressing F3 or the magnifying glass option
  • Select the appropriate Version of the Bill of Materials
  • Enter the number of items to be manufactured
  • Enter the appropriate Order and Required Dates
  • Press Create to create the new assembly order.
  • Fields of note in the Assembly Detail tab
  • Tracking Code (if applicable)
  • Site Name (in a multi site environment this will default the picked and receipted items to the default site warehouse and location)
  • Instruction and Routing Steps will populate from the bill of material
  • Assembly Lines tab
  • Line item details will populate from the bill of materials

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