These are general instructions only for the most common way Customers are used and do not include all fields and settings for Customers. Refer to the Ostendo Help menu for an explanation of all fields. Follow the process outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures and User instructions for your specific company requirements.

New Customer records be transferred to the accounting system linked with Ostendo except for MYOB AccountRight Classic and Reckon Accounts Desktop.

  • Go to Sales>Customers to open the Customer screen
  • Press 'Add' to enter a new Customer record

  • Required fields are;
    • Customer Name (do not use , " ' characters)
    • Customer Printout Name (" ' characters allowed, will auto populate when the new record is Saved)
    • Customer Type (from Sales>Settings>Customer Types)
    • Terms (from File>Financial Configuration>Credit Terms)
    • Tax Group (use settings already defined and do not add a new record unless authorised to)
    • Foreign Currency and Currency Code if foreign currency is being used and the Customer is not invoiced in local currency. Leave these fields blank for local currency Customers. If a Customer is invoiced in more than one currency create a new Customer record for each currency.
    • Billing Customer if invoices for this Customer go to another Customer (eg head office). The Billing Customer record must exist before entering these fields.
    • Customer Style should be set to Customer unless the record is for a Prospect

  • Recommended fields are;
    • Postal Address
    • Physical Address (unlimited delivery addresses are available)
    • Contact Details, viz Phone, Fax, Mobile (can be second phone number), Email

  • Other fields of note are;
    • Primary Contact and other Contacts (from CRM>Contacts)
    • Sales Analysis, viz Customer Region, Customer Code (for Analysis), Sales Person, Lead Source (under Defaults tab) (from Sales>Settings)
    • Service Zone (under Defaults tab) (from General>Settings>Service Zones)
    • Price Levels and Rate Levels (under the Pricing & Invoicing tab) (from Pricing>Settings>Price Levels and from Labour>Settings>Rate Levels)
    • Credit Control Settings (under the Pricing & Invoicing tab)
    • Print and Email settings for invoices, statements and deliveries (under the Outputs tab)

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