All screens in Ostendo look and behave the same. Master file screens have a List tab, Detail tab and transactional screens also have a Lines tab. The List tab is designed with the functionality of a spreadsheet.


Customise Fields - All of the fields from the master record to which the List screen applies, are available to display on the List screen and can be modified per user. To select the fields to display ‘right mouse click’ in the main panel and select Customize Fields’. This is subject to the user having permissions to do this.  

On the displayed panel you can:

  • Click on the ‘Show field’ checkbox to display the field.
  • Amend the column heading by changing the content of ‘Display Label
  • Define the sort sequence of the records by going to the lower panel and dragging the field from ‘Available Fields’ to ‘Sort By’. 
  • Click the ‘Save’ Button to save the settings.


Field Position - On each List screen you can move the field position by dragging the column heading left or right to the position where you want it to appear.


Filtering and Sorting - If you ‘tick’ the tickbox then the displayed data is available for filtering and sorting.

  • To sort the data in a selected column simply click on the column heading. Clicking against will sort in descending or ascending order.
  • Click on the black ‘down arrow’ to the right of your selected column heading and you can either select the specific entries to display records containing that entry, or you can select (Custom…) to enter detailed selection criteria.

Searching - If you enter some text into the ‘Search’ field and click on the ‘binoculars’ Icon then all records will be interrogated and those records that contain the entered text will be displayed. By default, you can enter multiple search criteria with an ‘And’ condition to find all records containing that text in a field even if it is not in a string. If you enter multiple words enclosed in ‘double quotes’ then the search will look for the combined words as they appear within the quotation marks.

The ‘Advanced Searching’ option enables an additional facility to search the following fields linked to the master record in addition to searching the fields displayed in the list tab.

  • Descriptors - Property Fields
  • Items - Property Fields, Supplier Part No
  • Inventory Availability - Property Fields, Supplier Part No
  • Warehouses - Property Fields
  • Labour Codes - Property Fields
  • Suppliers - Property Fields, Contact Name
  • Customers - Property Fields, Contact Name
  • Customer Assets - Property Fields
  • Assembly Order - Property Fields
  • Purchase Orders - Property Fields
  • Purchase Invoice - Purchase Receipt No, Purchase Order No
  • Job Orders - Property Fields
  • Sales Orders - Property Fields
  • Sales Invoice - Property Field, Order Customer, Order Address, Sales Delivery, Job No
  • Customer Payments - Invoice No


Column Header Options - If you right-click on any column ‘Heading’ a panel will appear that offers the following options. Some options may be ‘greyed out’ because the above ‘Filtering and Sorting’ checkbox has not been ‘checked’.

  • Sort Ascending: The current column will be sorted into ascending sequence
  • Sort Descending: The current column will be sorted into descending sequence
  • Clear Sort: This will clear the sort sequence in the current column
  • Group By This Field: A ‘band’ will appear above the list into which the current field now resides as a ‘box’. The data in the main panel is grouped by this selection. If you click on the ‘+’ sign in the main panel then the group will expand to show all records in the group.
    • You are not restricted to a single grouping in the top Group Box.  I.e. You can have Groups within a Group.
    • You can also ‘change’ the grouping sequence by simply ‘dragging’ one of the Group Boxes left or right as required
    • If you ‘right mouse’ on a Group Box you will note that the option ‘Group by this field’ now reads ‘Remove from Grouping’. Select this to remove this Group Box and restore the details to the main panel.
  • Group By Box: A ‘band’ will appear above the list.  You can select and drag any column heading into this area where it will now reside as a ‘box’. 
    • If you ‘right mouse’ on a Group Box you will note that the option ‘Group by this field’ now reads ‘Remove from Grouping’.  Select this to remove this Group Box and restore the details to the main panel.
    • If you select the ‘Group Box’ again then it will not appear in the panel; however any Groupings will still be retained
  • Footer: A band will appear at the bottom of the display.  Under each column - if you click the ‘right mouse’ - you have the option to display:
    • Sum - The total of the values in the column (only if it is numeric)
    • Max - The maximum value that exists in the column (only if it is numeric)
    • Min - The minimum value that exists in the column (only if it is numeric)
    • Ave - The Average of all the values in the column (only if it is numeric)
    • Count - The Number of records in the column
    • None - No value displayed
  • Group Footers: Similar to the above ‘Footer’ but the values appear at each ‘Group’ level
  • Remove this column: This will ‘hide’ the column from the current display. To restore the column select ‘Field Chooser’
  • Field Chooser: The fields displayed in the main panel are defined in the above ‘Displayed Fields’ option. Using this feature you can ‘Hide’ selected fields from those on display.  When ‘Field Chooser’ is selected a small panel will appear. You can hide fields by clicking on the column header and dragging it to this panel. Restoring the field to the display is simply the reverse of this action.
  • Best Fit:  Selecting this will adjust the width of the selected column to that defined by the maximum width of the data entered into it, or the Column Title, whichever is the greater.
  • Best Fit (All Columns)Performs the same function as ‘Best Fit’ on all the columns in the display.

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