We can help with solutions for Covid-19 safe work and compliance.

Compliance with physical distancing and rigorous hygiene standards for Covid safety are set to be the norm in business for many years to come.

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way businesses must operate to keep staff and customers safe, which presents challenges for productivity and efficiency. Businesses will also need to keep up compliance with government regulations and standards.

Separating staff to minimise contact between people is one of the biggest challenges toemployers. Ensuring workers stay 1.5m apart may require significant changes and re-engineering to workstations, processes and workflow.

Frequent cleaning of surfaces and touch points, especially in communal areas, is essential for a Covid safe workplace. Workers should wash their hands frequently and hand sanitiser must be readily available throughout the workplace.

A mobile app that updates the central business system can facilitate contactless job information and data collection on site or in the field. This also has the added benefit of improving the timeliness and efficiency of collecting data for work orders, jobs, warehouse management, quality and compliance.

The Ostendo Operations (ERP) with the Ostendo Freeway mobility app supports CovidSafe work and compliance in a number of ways, with the added benefit of more streamlined and efficient business processes.

As Ostendo consultants, ask us how Ostendo Operations ERP software and Ostendo Freeway mobility with an E-Commerce web store can be a solution to improve your business performance.

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